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Invest in innovative eco friendly technologies

Be at the forefront of innovative technology and create positive environmental change. Collaborate with sustainable partners to reach your strategic objectives.

We imagine a plastic free future

Our vision is for a green future where all bathrooms are 100% plastic free and where a new, zero waste way to wash is the norm.

With people and planet in mind, we are harnessing modern eco technologies to make behaviour change effortless through solution led approaches. By providing a pioneering natural alternative to plastic, we will minimise waste in homes and hotels across the world.

The opportunity with

We will be selling to B2B and B2C markets with the potential to licence the technology to other manufacturers and increase our reach. We will operate nationally to keep distribution UK based in line with our commitment to local manufacturing to minimise our impact.

The cosmetic product is contained in a unique biodegradable bubble membrane constructed of natural bio-polymers. Coupling sustainable soap technology with research into consumer behaviour makes BubbleLife a unique and viable alternative to plastic.

Reports show that the global Green Technology and Sustainability Market size is projected to reach $51.09 billion in 2029. Other sustainable technology brands like Pinatex, a plant based textile, are generating revenue after successful fundraising. Invest in green initiatives now and see high return on investment as the market grows.

Our wider impact

The bubbles are 100% plastic free and biodegradable. Read more on our sustainability commitments here.


We enable on-demand packaging manufacture and reduce UK plastic packaging import costs. Reduce the cost of waste management and transport fuel usage if using the smaller, dehydrated bubbles.

Social, cultural and political

We encourage positive consumer choices and make behaviour change easy. We are also creating more jobs and ethical employment opportunities. We preserve the consumer preference for liquid products and our model supports national commitments to Net Zero Carbon and Waste by 2050. 


We avoid harmful land, sea and air emissions from oil drilling, petrochemical and supply-chain leakage of plastics and microplastics, whilst providing a sustainable alternative.