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Founder interview: Meet Jon McGlashan

Jon, the co-founder of BubbleLife, brings a diverse background in music, hospitality, and business, infusing his entrepreneurial journey with creativity and purpose.

Born in 1983 in Hastings, UK, Jon’s early passion for music led him to Brighton in 2003, where he pursued his studies at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music (BIMM) and developed his skills in professional musicianship. However, his path took an unexpected turn as he ventured into the world of culinary arts, working in kitchens and eventually becoming a head chef. 

Jon’s desire to make a positive impact grew stronger during his time at Pestalozzi Village, an organisation dedicated to empowering children from Africa and Asia. This venture provided him with valuable insights into purpose-led organisations and instilled in him a sense of responsibility to contribute to a better world.

Jon went on to explore opportunities in hospitality, sales and account management, these experiences broadened his perspective and fueled his hunger for personal and professional growth. Returning to university in 2014, Jon delved into the realms of International Business, Entrepreneurship and Project Management, where he found a kindred spirit in Caro, his co-founder. United by their shared passion for sustainability, they embarked on the journey to create BubbleLife.

BubbleLife begins…

Driven by a common purpose, Jon and Caro set out to revolutionise the use of plastic bottles by offering sustainable alternatives. Their revolutionary membrane technology, crafted from 100% compostable materials, emerged as an innovative solution to the plastic pollution crisis.

BubbleLife’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond packaging. They actively source ingredients from local suppliers, minimising their carbon footprint and supporting local economies. Jon and Caro also envision BubbleLife as a force for social change, aiming to provide access to essential products for those in need, including partnerships with local homeless charities.

In the coming years, BubbleLife aspires to expand their impact by licensing their technology to other companies. By collaborating with larger manufacturers and encouraging industry-wide change, they aim to propel sustainable practices and contribute to a more environmentally conscious society.

Advice for founders

Reflecting on his journey, Jon offers valuable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. He emphasises the importance of perseverance, sacrifice, and collaboration. Jon encourages entrepreneurs to work closely with local organisations, leverage tools like the business model canvas, and stay dedicated to their purpose-driven mission.

If you’re inspired by Jon’s story and want to discuss how BubbleLife can help revolutionise your bathrooms, reach out using the contact form below.