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Bubbles for a better future

Through plastic free materials, ethically sourced ingredients and transparency in our supply chain, we are committed to protecting the environment in every way that we can, big and small.

The Plastic Problem

It’s no secret that plastic from our bathrooms is clogging up our oceans, choking our recycling boxes, microplastics are permeating our water supplies and natural spaces are turning into landfill dumps. Even when you think your waste is being recycled, a lot of plastic bottles actually end up in landfill due to contamination. And bathroom waste is an even bigger problem – did you know that 50% of bathroom waste is recycled, compared to 90% in the kitchen?

The international hotel industry is a significant contributor, using 150 million tons of single-use plastic every year, UNESCO reports. This results in long and complicated plastic waste management systems which drain resources, time and are not sustainable for business practice or the planet.

100% biodegradable

BubbleLife is bursting into bathrooms with a sustainable alternative that completely eradicates plastic waste from your bathrooms. By replacing bulky bottles with fully biodegradable, natural composites, our bubbles simply break down into the water stream with zero risk of microplastic contamination; it’s purely nature going back to nature.

"We can make a small change with a big impact in our lifetime. Now is the time to act” - Jon

Environmental commitments

We are dedicated to doing everything we can to continually monitor and improve our sustainability credentials, whilst helping you to do the same. Meet your environmental targets with impactful, practical solutions that are backed by science. 

Our bubbles are fully biodegradable and waste free. Utilising intelligent design solutions, the coating safely washes down the drain of your bath or shower after use

We pride ourselves on the transparency of our supply chain from raw extraction to delivery. At every step of the way we ensure we are minimising our environmental impact.

Our bubbles are powered by plants. Vegan, organic and cruelty-free, we exclusively use naturally derived ingredients from sustainably cultivated plants and minerals in both the bubble casing and product. 

We must return and look to the earth to secure a brighter future for the planet. This is why our biodegradable technology takes inspiration from natural processes, and we minimise our impact on the natural world.

UK made

Our products are produced locally in the UK to minimise travel emissions, and support local communities with high standard employment opportunities. We don’t believe in outsourcing our production to cut costs, and value the high working and pollution control standards of making our bubbles close to home.